Recommendations for sensor locations in arm or hand muscles


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Biceps brachii
Short head and long head
Muscle Anatomy
Short head: apex of coracoid process of scapula.
Long head: Supraglenoid tubercle of scapula.
Tuberosity of radius and aponeurosis of biceps brachii (lacertus fibrosus).
Recommended sensor placement procedure
Starting posture
Sitting on a chair with the elbow flexed at a right angle and the dorsal side of the forearm in a horizontal downwards position.
Electrode size
Maximum size in the direction of the muscle fibres: 10 mm.
Electrode distance
20 mm
Electrode placement
- location
Electrodes need to be placed on the line between the medial acromion and the fossa cubit at 1/3 from the fossa cubit.
- orientation
In the direction of the line between the acromion and the fossa cubit.
- fixation on the skin
(Double sided) tape / rings or elastic band.
- reference electrode
On / around the wrist.
Clinical test Place one hand under the elbow to cushion it from table pressure and flex the elbow slightly below or at a right angle, with the forearm in supination. Press against the forearm in the direction of extension.