Recommendations for sensor locations in lower leg or foot muscles

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Muscle Anatomy
Lateral condyle and posterior surface of femur, capsule of knee joint.
Middle part of posterior surface of calcaneus.
Flexion of the ankle joint and assist in flexion of the knee joint.
Recommended sensor placement procedure
Starting posture
Lying on the belly with the face down, the knee extended and the foot projecting over the end of the table.
Electrode size
Maximum size in the direction of the muscle fibres: 10 mm.
Electrode distance
20 mm.
Electrode placement
- location
Electrodes need to be placed at 1/3 of the line between the head of the fibula and the heel.
- orientation
In the direction of the line between the head of the fibula and the heel.
- fixation on the skin
(Double sided) tape / rings or elastic band.
- reference electrode
On / around the ankle or the proc. spin. of C7.
Clinical test Plantar flexion of the foot with emphasis on pulling the heel upward more than pushing the forefoot downward. For maximum pressure in this position it is necessary to apply pressure against the forefoot as well as against the calcaneus.
The SENIAM guidelines also include a separate sensor placement procedure for the medial gastrocnemius.